Goa goes pink for coming elections, 40 polling stations dedicated to women

The polling stations will also give out pink teddy bears to first time female voters.

Assembly elections will be held soon in Goa and four other states. Though not the most politically volatile state among the ones going to polls in this phase, Goa deserves a special mention for it’s 40 pink polling stations dedicated to women. True to it’s essence, Goa has managed to make even their elections stand out from others.

These stations will be manned by female officers who will put on pink outfits. There are akso plans to decorate the election booths with pink balloons and other deocration of the same colour. The Electorate Officer will also be giving out pink teddies to first time female voters in the state’s attempt to encourage women voters.

Goa has around 5,62,930 female voters, which stands at 20,000 more than the male voters. The state which goes to polls on 4th February has already made news with this move. While women are making a mark everywhere, suffragette is still something they do not make full use of.

It is very important that to grow as a country, women register their vote and choose candidates favourable to their all-round development. Every nation that is in today’s date considered developed has women voting in high numbers and why not. It is brilliant to see Goa make a move towards more women voters and what effect this effort produces shall be seen by us soon.