Watch: This underwater enthusiast has taken it upon himself to keep our riverbeds safe and sound

Jake Koehler has been doing whatever it takes to rescues animals stuck on hooks under the depths of the river.

Ever wondered what it would be like to dive into the depths of a river to look for treasures? Meet Jake Koehler who does this everyday. Not just to recover treasures though, but also to save the environment and keep those unfathomable depths clean. Talk about love for adventure and the earth rolled into one single human being.

Koehler dives in every day and has recovered several iPhones and GoPros only to re-unite them with the owners. This is a part of his work, but the interesting part is not here yet. He rescues animals who are stuck onto hooks and unable to free themselves. Animals that live underwater also often die on the riverbed and Jake does all the cleaning up mafter them. His daily adventures are often dangerous because one can never be sure of what lurks underwater.

Jake Koehler has discovered everything from diamond studs to expensive gadgets and even a gun which he handed over to the police. From rescuing tortoises stuck in nets to releashing other underwater animals from hooks, Jake does whatever it takes to keep the world in the depths of the river going.

Rivers and oceans all around the world have gone through serious depletion and harm in the past few decades. Garbage and non bio-degradable products settled on the riverbed have often been cause of trouble for underwater flora and fauna. While most of us sit around doing all sorts of armchair activism to save the environment, Jake has taken it upon himself to use his love for life under the sea towards a good purpose.