Watch: If this 98-year-old yoga instructor from Tamil Nadu doesn't inspire you to exercise, nothing will

Yoga sure gives one the kind of sass that stays around forever and this 98-year-old is proof.

For any of us who’re on the Internet these days, no day is complete without a tonne of fitness videos thrown our way. From going to the gym, to Zumba, to pilates to several new kinds of workout regimes, we’ve seen it all being acted out by professionals of different ages. Different ages, yes. But, a 98-year-old? No, we’re not joking.

V Nanammal from Tamil Nadu heads three different generations of yogis, and practices every single day. She does not only do yoga herself but also teaches kids (and adults) how to de-stress with yoga. Her flexibility could put most of us ‘uber-cool millennials’ to absolute shame. She is India’s oldest female yoga instructor and lives in Coimbatore. Is your mouth still hanging open in awe? Some yoga might help close it.

Nanammal can perform 20 yoga asanas with complete perfection and has never had to visit the hospital in her whole life. So, for all those out there in their late 20s and struggling with issues such as hypertension and diabetes and several different lifestyle diseases available on the market, here goes some inspiration. Yoga has been endorsed by celebrities and fitness experts all over the world, but we somehow choose to not see the form of exercise as a very effective one yet.

For a form of exercise that has its origins in India, the ‘ghar ki murgi daal baraabar’ adage seems to be playing out here for us, who could easily be the unhealthiest generation in a long time. Whether or not you take health and fitness seriously, allow this 98-year-old lady to tell you why there is indeed no way around prioritizing health and putting it above everything else.