WATCH: Here's how four Australian motorcylists are promoting education for underprivileged children in India

Cameron Perry, Scott Grills, Ben Butcher and Taylor Hogan came to New Delhi from Sydney with a very specific purpose in mind, Right for Rights. Find out what it is all about

Cameron Perry visited India in 2015 and was exposed to how children were deprived of basic education in the country. Two years later, he is back in India but this time he’s on a mission to create awareness in all parts of India by riding a motorcycle for nearly 7000 km on road with his three friends – Scott Grills, Ben Butcher and Taylor Hogan, who have the same passion for the cause.

Four of them landed in New Delhi ten days ago and will cover Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They will then set towards West Bengal, Odisha all the way to Uttarakhand where will end their ride. The 45-day-long journey will aim to create awareness about education among people and will raise fund for these children who are deprived of education due to numerous reasons.

Cameron told InUth about his passion for the cause and his love for riding. He expressed, “In India, many children are not getting an education they should. In my last visit, I thought of doing something. I told my three friends who share the same passion and after two years we managed to make this happen. We will ride all over India and meet NGO’s who are working for children’s rights.”

Taylor Hogan described his journey from Delhi to Mumbai as a life-altering experience. “While traveling, we met people of diverse cultures and traditions. It was a great to know about India and its people,” he said.  

All of them grew up together in Sydney and thought of doing something for children of India. On the occasion of Holi, they visited NGO CRY based in South Mumbai where children performed for them and they danced to popular Bollywood tunes.

They believe it is important to create awareness among people. “This ride is about raising awareness on the issue. It’s about empowering the kids to go out and break social norms, get an education. It’s about breaking down barriers between gender and society,” added Scott Grills.

They are shooting the whole experience of their ride on camera for an educational documentary. Filmmaker Ben Butcher is also associated with the project.