Watch: Ethiopia organizes fashion show for the differently-abled and we are totally here for it

Faith in humanity restored

They say modelling is for seemingly ‘perfect’ specimens. But the question is, what is perfect? And who is perfect? And even more so, who decides the definition of perfect? The modelling profession is surely ruthless, forcing one to diet for years to achieve that perfect waist, or maybe it can leave you insecure for life. So many people spend time wishing they were ‘a little taller’ or ‘beautiful’ or ‘fair-skinned’, the list never ends. But the convention is changing and finally, even the modelling industry is being experimental and open-minded.

You cheer when you see plus-size models slaying on the ramp, you root for dark-skinned models making it big in the industry because deep down you know dusky is sexy. Watching this video by Al Jazeera, your heart will definitely explode with joy when you see  differently-abled models slaying during a fashion show in Ethiopia.

Al Jazeera English

Model talks about her preparation before the show for ‘Al Jazeera English’

This can be considered as a big step for Ethiopia which is generally tagged as a backward or conservative nation. Big amount of credit should be given to designer Tseday Kebede who says her main focus was not to hide their deformity but instead make them look beautiful just as they are.

“Before there was no outfit designed for people with disabilities so most of the time they had problems finding clothes”, she says. The video shows the models, dressed in colourful and glamorous outfits, killing their game with their remarkable confidence.

Model walking the ramp for 'Al Jazeera English'

Model walking the ramp for ‘Al Jazeera English’

The video was posted by ‘Al Jazeera English’ on their Facebook page. It has so far garnered more than 8k views and has received a well-deserved applaud from the world. It’s great to see so many open-minded people rooting for a cause and celebrating diversity.

Models killing the show with their oomph factor for 'Al Jazeera English'

Models killing the show with their oomph factor for ‘Al Jazeera English’

While the initiative is commendable, it does leave you with a lingering question that how narrow-minded is our mainstream industry. There are almost new fashion trends every day for ‘regular’ (Read: thin, tall, and in perfect) people. But haven’t we made shopping an embarrassing experience for the differently-abled or the plus-sized people?


Source credit: Al Jazeera English