Watch: Confused about what food is good for your dog and what isn't? We've got you covered

Your dog loves you, and making sure he or she eats what they should is the least we can do in return.

Dogs are our best friends, there is no doubt about that. They’re also our personal stress-relief fur balls and the only companions who stand by us through thick and thin. They love food and we love feeding them, but do you know what is good for them and what is not when it comes to food?

Worry not, we’ve got you covered. All the Brunos and Caesars and co. out there shall now have aware owners out there thanks to this video by the ‘Animal Rescue Site’. While, sugar is a huge no-no for them and so is oil, there are probably several other things that we end up feeding our furry companions which they are better off not eating. After all, wouldn’t be just intolerably useless if we could not ensure so much as healthy food in return for all the unconditional love dogs give us?

The video has garnered nearly 2 million views and though it has been published long back, there is no doubt as to how it still holds good. If given the kind of food they should not be eating, your dog can suffer several conditions that hamper their health. This harm to their health ranges from something as basic as fur loss to stuff as massive as liver or kidney failure. Now, those are things you would never want to see your pooch go through.

So, watch the video and ensure you’re giving your best friend, nothing short of the best, because they too love food as much as we do but discretion is ours to enforce on their behalf.