Shreya Ghoshal's Golden Retriever is the goofiest 'Sherlock' ever- See photos

Shreya Ghoshal is extremely fond of her dog, Sherlock! Having a dull day? Here are some pawwdorable pictures of Shreya Ghoshal's adorable pooch

Leading Indian playback singer Shreya Ghoshal has a gifted voice. Period. The lady has a huge treasure of magical songs to her credit. She went on to taste success very early in her career, and the music industry is yet to find a replacement to this powerhouse of talent. The singer tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Shiladitya Mukhopadhyaya in a traditional Bengali ceremony in the year 2015.

One look at her Instagram account and you would know that the singer loves to travel and explore. Also, did you know that Shreya has a “warm fuzzy” “Sunshine” in her life that she just cannot live without? We are talking about “Sherlock”. Who is Sherlock, you ask? Sherlock is Shreya’s adorable dog. Yep, Shreya Ghoshal owns a gorgeous Golden Retriever who heavily dominates her official Instagram account.

Like every pet lover who is obsessed with their pets, Shreya too uploads a lot of pictures of her dog who’s guilt-free face and super innocent eyes can melt the coldest of hearts.

So, in case you’re having a dull day, have a look at Shreya Ghoshal with her fur baby Sherlock who will instantly light up day:

P.S: You’re Welcome

Who would not want to be his Valentine? Just Look at him!


Happy Valentine’s Day.. from @sherlockthefetcher

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Because some babies never grow up!


Puppy love.. __ @sherlockthefetcher

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The cure for every illness: this face


‘Momma! U feeling sick? How can I make you ok!’ This face makes everything perfect and happy____ #sherlockghoshal

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Coming back home to this face? Yes, Please!

My sunshine #sherlock __ Totally clueless of what’s going on in this world. __ #innocenteyes #goldenretriever

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Sherlock being all “Sherlocky”

#Aalpona (Bengali Rangoli) and my baby #sherlock watching over.. Love #beingbong

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Tea, sunshine and a fuzzy being by the side. Best. Combination. Ever.

#home #baby #brightmornings #myverandah #happiness #mumbai

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How ridiculously adorable is Sherlock?

Picture perfect it is!

Momma loves puppy ____

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Enough said.

Mom went to the shop.. It’s been over 2minutes!! Why are you not back yet… #anxious #sherlock

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Because being goofy is MUST

Balancing the ball. Can you?

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Bonus pic

Aren’t they just perfect together?

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