Watch: Does being gay mean holding hands is a crime? This ad inspires them to hold on tight

This ad has started off a #HoldTight campaign asking gay couples to hold on tight and is reclaiming their right to display affection.

With time we have all grown exceedingly tolerant of straight couples’s public display of affection and some among us even look at them and smile warmly. How then does this turn around when the couple in question is homosexual? Not that we are always particularly warm towards any couple kissing in the open, but is it fair to make it difficult for two people in love to even hold hands, simply because their idea of love does not fit into ours?

This is exactly the question this ad for Australian bank ANZ raises and tells us how LGTBQ couples are quick to let go of each other’s hands thanks to the judgmental looks they receive. It shows several couples holding hands who let go the second someone looks at them as if they have committed some crime. The act of holding hands is a simple act of affection and there is no reason why in 2017 there should be any couple who is deterred from doing so.

This ad has kicked off the #HoldTight campaign and inspired people to not let go of their love irrespective of whether or not that gets them onto the good side of society. The campaign is looking to isnpire couples to hold on tight to the one they love even if society pushes them to let go. Isn’t it funny how expressing hate and beating people up in public is fine while an act of love could very well get you a moral science lecture or worse still some jail-time? When this is the kind of skewed society we inhabit, it’s safe to say there is nothing one can do that won’t get us onto the wrong side of people. So, why not hold on to the one person we love and hold on to them tightly just like this ad asks us to.

So, the next time you see a gay couple holding hands let them be.