'Lack Of Love From Father Turns A Straight Guy Gay'! This Kerala Doctor Says He Can 'Cure' Homosexuality

Queerala, a Kerala Based LGBTQ rights group is seeking action against the sexologist for spreading misinformation

A Kerala-based sexologist is at the receving end of LGBTQ community for claiming that he can cure homosexuals, and turn them into heterosexuals.

On his YouTube Channel ‘Sex and Health’, Dr Titus P Varghese describes homosexuality as “a behavioural change that happens due to certain experiences in childhood”.

Even as he reiterates in his videos that homosexuality is not a “disease”, Dr Titus argues that he can “cure the problem”.

Parents who could not come to terms with their child’s sexuality have been taking their children for treatment.

Speaking with Times of India, a LGBTQ member who was given counselling by Varghese a decade ago, said, “He took me to a room with full of colourful lights. He would first ask us to write down all our sexual experiences from childhood before starting the counselling. Since I have read a lot about sexual orientations, I started questioning him. What initially began as counselling slowly turned into advices.”

(Courtesy: PTI/Vijay Verma)

Since the doctor knows about the sexual history of the patient, no one would dare to go against him, he added.

In a YouTube video uploaded in 2014, DR Titus claims that homosexuality can be treated by changing certain experiences that influenced him or her to become a homosexual.

“Homosexuality is not an illness, but just a habituation getting from past experiences. When we decode the negative impact (not memory)of that events one by one in a reverse order, the particular behavior pattern will be completely changed. Because homosexuality is not related to any kind of bacteria, virus or hormonal variation. Yes, its just a simple habituation and completely curable under the treatment of HRTsystem. In this system we always treat the sensory level impact of past events, not the present problems.”

In another video , the doctor makes another bizzare claim on how men turn out to be a gay person.

The doctor says, “Only a man who is not influenced by his father, psychically or mentally, can think about another man – who belongs to the same sex as that of his father – in a sexual way. This means a person who shows homosexual traits has a weak relationship with his father. This is a fact. In most cases, the youngest son in a family turns out to be homosexual. This is because the youngest son is mostly more attached to his mother than to his father. In such boys, the figure of their father becomes weak and so there is no barrier for him to think about another man in a sexual way. So when a man touches him, he will comply, because he will not feel like resisting it. That is one type. Another type is people who enjoy homosexuality. Those people want to propagate it. But people who want to move away from homosexuality can be cured with treatment.”

LGBT community

Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender (LGBT) community during a Delhi Queer Pride 2015 in New Delhi on Nov 29th 2015. Express photo by Ravi Kanojia.

Now Queerala, a Kerala Based LGBTQ rights group is seeking action against the sexologist for spreading misinformation.

The group is gearing up to file a formal complaint against Dr Titus with the Health Minister KK Shylaja, the Human Rights Commission and the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Vihaan Peethambar, a member of Queerala, alleged that Dr Titus is duping people on false claims of treating homosexuality and charging exorbitant fees from them

“We have had many guys whose parents have taken them to this doctor for treatment. Because of the social stigma involved, they go there… and this doctor is basically ripping them off. He charges anything from Rs 25,000 for one sitting alone and keeps asking the men questions about their sexual encounters. His claims do not make sense in any way. He is duping people saying he is part of US bodies, so vulnerable parents fall for it. He is causing harm to so many people.” Vihaan was quoted as saying by The News Minute