In ISIS's violent warning against Valentine's Day celebration, an innocent Teddy Bear becomes the victim

True to their tradition of beheading, ISIS chopped off a red teddy bear's head in Mosul, Iraq,

In continuation of their insane selves, ISIS has now gone on to chop off a teddy bear’s head and warned that those celebrating Valentine’s day will face similar repercussions. The beheading was carried out by an ISIS priest and seems like their way of protesting against the celebration of Valentine’s day.

An Iranian media house reported that the man beheaded a red teddy bear with a sharp knife in Mosul, northern Iraq, to warn couples of what their fate would be if they pulled off a Valentine’s day celebration. For some strange reason Valentine’s day has alway attracted protests and criticism on charges of propagating Western influence. Several groups in India, Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia and Japan have voiced their disagreement with couples choosing to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Back home, the Odisha unit of Bajrang Dal has said they would marry of girls who get seen together on February 14. Pakistan’s President Mamnoon Hussain has gone on record to say that people should refrain from celebrating the occasion as it has nothing to do with Pakistani culture. The Kohat district in Pakistan has banned it and religious groups have expressed their denouncement.

Japan too has had a series of hilarious protests against the occasion. While it’s beyond comprehension why several groups find this fairly harmless date worth such mayhem, keeping up to their record ISIS is a league apart in even their warning to couples. Who else would ever think of beheading teddy bears, right?