Watch: This mom's pregnancy yoga videos are both scary and amazing

This woman's perfect prenatal Yoga postures will leave you dumbfounded.

During pregnancy, women get a lot of advices from everyone for what to eat, what to drink, and what are the things that they could do, which would be good for their child. Women are often confused what to do and what to do during that time and like every other thing in life, pregnancy also follows the rule of ‘to each one their own’.

A woman named Wah has shared videos of her performing Yoga during pregnancy on her Facebook page and Instagram account, Wahderful Yoga. Wah is from Thailand but resides in Netherlands with her husband. According to the description on her Facebook page she is a certified Yoga Practitioner and Teacher and has been doing Yoga since 2013.

These videos of Wah performing Yoga, at different stages of her pregnancy are scary as well as awe-inspiring. Wah can be seen performing Yoga and striking the most difficult postures with utmost ease in these videos and at certain points, you are just left wondering how is she is it even humanly possible. Some of the videos also give out a short description about how would a particular aasana (posture) woud help the body of an expecting mother as well as the baby’s health.
Here are a few of her videos, which would, undoubtedly, leave you dumbfounded: