To Save The Environment, This Country Has Introduced Electric Highways

Should India also have such electric highways?

Germany became one of the first countries to unveil a stretch of electric highway for electric/hybrid trucks to operate. The six-mile stretch of Autobahn features overhead power lines meant to deliver charge to electrified trucks.

Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter, state secretary at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, told CNN,

“Electrified trucks are particularly efficient solution on the road to carbon-neutral transportation.”

The trucks run on electric motors when connected to the overhead lines, and a hybrid system when they return to a traditional road. Sensors detect when the overhead wires are available. Siemens says its eHighway system combines the efficiency of electric rail with the flexibility of trucking. Another benefit is a sharp reduction in emissions of CO2 and nitrogen oxides.

Built by German company Siemens, the highway powers cars speeding under 90 km/hr and aims to reduce carbon emissions. Similar stretches of electric highways have been built in Sweden and the United States as well, while cities like St. Petersburg have overhead grids to power electric buses and trams.