This Indian Company Turned Barren Land Into A 360-acre Forest

Infosys did so by planting native trees in high densities and through rainwater harvesting

Indian IT giant Infosys has turned its Mangaluru campus standing on a barren land into a dense forest, spanning over 360 acres. The company had decided to make its campus green in 2007 to conserve the environment.

It did so by planting native trees in high densities that attracted local wildlife and through rainwater harvesting which ensured that water didn’t run out of the campus as the area receives only 80 inches of rainfall annually.

A company spokesperson said in a video summarising the results of its initiatives said,

“As part of our commitment to environment conservation for creating a better world for present and future, we have decided to make our campus to be intrinsically green.”

He added,

“We believe whatever we strive to do has to be done with due respect to what surrounds us. When we built the campus over a decade ago, we promised to transform the vast land into a living rain forest.”