Watch: This Kangaroo hugs his rescuer every day to express gratitude

This Kangaroo will show you how easy it is to express gratitude to someone and helping a how distressed animal will only bring smiles on grumpy faces.

Do you really need to say the word “thank you” a million times to express gratitude? Nope. Sometimes all you need to do is open those arms and give a hug to show how thankful you are for everything the person has done for you. And if you think this rule exists only in case of humans, you’re wrong.

Meet Abigail, aka Abi. This baby is probably the most lovable and warm-hearted animal ever.


Kangaroo (Photo: Facebook)

Abi starts her day by hugging her rescuers every day to show how grateful she was to be rescued. How adorable is that?

Did we tell you Abi is the queen Kangaroo of the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs? A sanctuary that was founded in 2006 with an objective to rescue, relocate, and rehabilitate baby kangaroos. The sanctuary tries to send the Kangaroo back into the wild once they are ready to be amongst their own.

“Abi came to me as an orphan of 5 months old and was quite busted up with cuts and scrapes. Abi has grown into a very healthy baby and is my only kangaroo who comes up and gives a great big rugby tackle cuddle. Abi is also unusually light in colour and I think she is very beautiful,”her caeretaker said.

Abi was rescued when she was only a 5 months old orphan. It’s been 10 years now, and Abi has never missed a day to thank her caretaker in the form of a warm hug. I mean, what better way than this right?


Kangaroo Abi (Photo: Facebook)`

Be as beautiful as you are, Abi.