Watch: Louis Vuitton could be in huge trouble if this PETA expose on crocodiles being skinned alive is true

Crocodiles' necks are slashed and iron rods rammed down their spines while they are still alive. Is your LV bag still worth it?

Luxury brands with their glossy magazine adverts and glamorous publicity tactics are often able to take our minds off of their methods of production. Human beings have somehow been gifted with that kind of talent and when one adds obscene amounts of money to such talent, humanity dies a slow death.

A recent PETA expose has now revealed crocodiles being skinned after their necks are slashed and rods are rammed down their spines, all of this while they are alive. What seems to be an animal farm in Vietnam houses these reptiles in enclosures which are often half their size. The crocodiles are cramped up together in the few inches of land they survive on till their turn to face this torturous death comes.

This is not the first time Louis Vuitton has come under the radar for such inhumane torture of animals and PETA has now become a shareholder in the luxury brand to check such activity. This farm, PETA claims produces crocodile skin bags for LVMH. Vuitton has however released a statement saying that they do not work with this or any such farms meting out cruelty to animals.

Crocodiles are tough and are known to be able to survive on very less oxygen, meaning that they would live for hours after having being skinned and would die a slow, painful death.
Whether or not Louis Vuitton is associated with this farm remains to be seen, but the fact that luxury brands have often made use of such methods is common knowledge.

Not to make this seem like any less of a crime but it is not rocket science to know that brands take to such measure because consumers buy such products. Maybe if all of us could be a little more humane and think about how an animal was subjected to unfathomable torture, such products would not exist in the market anymore.

That Louis Vuitton bag you were saving up for suddenly does not seem as gorgeous anymore, isn’t it?