Watch: Here's why this poor Koala started crying like a baby

This video of Koala crying his heart out might just be the cutest thing you are going to watch today.

Aren’t Koalas just the cutest?  Moreover, they also probably lead the best life. Yes, sleeping for over 18-22 hours without worrying about this mean world does count for a pretty good life.

Both you and I have been in a place where we’ve felt dominated and bullied by a superior being at some point in our lives. While the year 2016 has been tough for all of us, turns out the year was quite arduous for this particular little male Koala too.

A Koala is generally believed to be a very quiet creature, but this one here threw the biggest fit [ever . . . ] when he was kicked out from its haven [A tree! His tree!] by a bigger Koala. What did the poor Koala do? No, it did not climb back up immediately. This one started crying at the top of his voice. Yes, you heard that right! In the video, you can actually see an older Koala pushing the younger Koala from the tree,  probably because it didn’t want to share its space leaving the younger one to scream and cry like a child, which by the way he exactly is. You can literally hear him relentlessly screeching, squealing and wailing post this terrible situation he was put into.

Watch it for yourself:

Also, thankfully, he was able to climb back on the tree by night.

Bonus Video, because why not?

Also, contrary to the popular belief these bear-like, tree-dwelling babies aren’t actually bears. They have been given the tag of a bear because they just look like one.

Hang in there, little fella.