This ridiculously cute video of a baby Rhino playing in snow for the first time will put the brightest smile on your face

You're so wrong if you believe that only you would be excited to see the first snow. Wait till you see this baby Rhino experiencing her first snow.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING can describe the magical experience when you first discover snow. Witnessing the blanket of soft, white, and oh-so-cold snow for the first time makes it even more extraordinary.

However, turns out animals appreciate little things in life much more than a human does. It is a common sight to see a polar bear or a snow leopard rolling in the snow and savoring it to their full potential.

But, have you ever seen a Rhino enjoying in snow?

Yes, this 2-month-old baby Rhino enjoys and appreciates snow much more than you and I could I ever do.

Zookeepers at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa, let this discover snow for the first and there’s nothing but sheer excitement and joy on this baby’s face. You can see the baby Rhino being thrilled at this white cold soft kind of thing.

Watch it for yourself:

In the video, you can see him tip-toeing towards the snow really carefully and just enjoying it the utmost capacity once he is sure that it’s safe. Believe us when we say the sight is absolutely delightful and pleasant.

Yep, he sniffed it. He ate it. He rolled. He freaked out! While the bigger Rhino, which we are assuming was the Momma Rhino stood there watching her baby go crazy in the snow. Also, one of a media report added that it was only last week that the baby Rhino had its first bath.