This dog just heard himself snore. His reaction: Priceless!

How annoying is to hear your dog snore unapologetically? This little pooch just heard himself snore and he had the most adorable reaction [EVER]

Yes, we agree that it is indeed a blissful feeling to cuddle with your little or not-so-little dog and drift off to sleep after a tiring day at work. But try to visualize this. You take a nice shower after an exhausting day, you turn off the lights, you prepare yourself to snuggle in your blanket with your furry being and slowly drift off to sleep.

Just minutes gone, and you start feeling something vibrating and wheezing with their complete might down your neck.

Yeah, dogs snore too!

In fact, there are times when you don’t even need to have intentions to dose off to be disturbed by the loud snore. You can imagine having an intense conversation with someone and while you wait for the other person to respond, all you can hear is this horribly annoying engine-like racket. Your dog’s snores.

This dog-owner annoyed with his dog’s loud snores, decided to take things into his own hands. He decided to record his dog’s snore. Yep, the baby got the taste of his own medicine.

Dog snoring

Dog (Photo: Youtube)

So, this person not only recorded his dog snoring but made his dog listen to his own snores in full volume. His reaction? Absolutely, PRICELESS!

Check this out:

In the video, you can see the dog sleeping really peacefully and suddenly waking up to his own loud motor-like snores that was played by his owner on his phone.

The poor thing probably never felt as embarrassed and abashed as he did while hearing himself snore.

All the dog owners out there, go head, try this if your dog snores. You would be pretty amazed with the results.