8 cats who look so pure you'll definitely want to take one home [Photos]

Cats are mysterious creatures and their amusing behaviour makes us love them even more, doesn't it? Cat lovers would agree.

Having a bad day at work, or even if you’re not having a bad day at work, if you love cats, you would definitely love this daily dose of cuteness? Cats may be moody and unpredictable, they are definitely great posers. Be it a cardboard carton, or during a proper photoshoot, or while they are just lazying around, cats never disappoint their camera person. Their antics are plain adorable and you just cannot stop going ‘awww’ after watching them staring at you cluelessly or trying to figure out things around , be it humans or things around them, everything about these cute furry animals is just lovable, until they jump and scratch your face with their paws, because you never know what state of mind these felines are.

Their psychology may still be a puzzle to human beings because it is proven that cats don’t perceive the world like humans do, and they can be aggressive, loving, friendly but you can never judge it from their behaviour. Cats are mysterious creatures and their amusing behaviour makes us love them even more, doesn’t it? Cat lovers would agree.

Take a look at some of these outrageously adorable creatures in these Instagram photographs below:

1. Unable to figure out what that device is.

2. Is that a photoshoot? I don’t like that paparazzi, hooman!

3. Hi there! How are you doing? We are doing good…in this box. 

Boxes are best #kittens #kittensofinstagram #britishshorthair #britishblue #love #catstagram @kittens_today @kittens

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4.  Why that look?  

Sitoo, gemeesh deeh . . #kittensofinstagram #kitten #persian #peaknosecat #persiancat

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5. I also love boxes. They are so relaxing, isn’t it?

6. Bring me down, you .

#cats #animals #cute #fauna #kittie #baby

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7. Aww! Cute and mini-cute. Cuteness overload.

From: @lookaewcat #cats_of_world and follow us to be featured

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8.Those eyes!  


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