Miraculous escape: Pregnant cow falls off 40-feet cliff, saved after 2-day rescue operation

The rare White Park cow swam to an "isolated island" after falling from a cliff. She spent a night down on the rocks before being sedated

A pregnant cow had a miraculous escape after falling down a 40ft cliff in the UK. After the fall, the rare White Park cow then swam to an “isolated island”. The cow was winched back up to the top of the cliff yesterday evening after a nine-hour effort, the BBC reported on Monday.

The pregnant cow spent a night down on the rocks before being sedated at The Rumps, near Polzeath, Cornwall. A vet and rifleman sedated the cow, before she was put into an animal rescue harness and brought back to the top of the cliff.

The rescue began on Saturday afternoon but was stopped due to the rising tide and fading light, and began again yesterday morning.

After rescuing the cow, the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said, “despite her ordeal, she is now back happily grazing in the field.”

“The incident was made extremely difficult as the cow swam to an isolated island where she was out of reach of the emergency services,” Wadebridge Community Fire Station said.

The fire service further asserted, ‘specialist animal rescue crews were assisted by the Coastguard. The cow was left in the care of a veterinary doctor and the farmer.’