Photos: This fluffy, cuddly little Shiba will bring you instant happiness

This fluffy, cuddly, happy and goofiest dog is probably the most expressive dog you'll ever see. Warning: This will brighten up your dull day

There’s nothing that a smiling dog can’t do. Dogs have the magical powers to turn that frown upside down right away. Also, if you think you’re the only person who can make funny faces for that boomerang video or Instagram story, let Ryuji, a 7-year-old Shiba pup from Japan change your mind.

Ryuji is the goofiest, happiest and the perhaps the most expressive dog you’ll ever see. His Instagram account boasts of 135k followers. With just one glimpse at Ryuji’s pictures, you’ll know that Ryuji is a pro at making silly faces and probably loves everyone and everything around him. Also, how amazing is it to own a dog who can tell you everything he wants  and everything he feels just through his expressions?

Without further ado we present to you, Ryuji.

Tell me you didn’t smile lokking at this doggo?