Karnataka's 'Smoking' Elephant Baffles Everyone

Reports suggest that the elephant in Karnataka's Nagarahole National Park was trying to ingest wood charcoal

What if someone told you that they saw an elephant smoking? Sounds absurd right? But a 49-second clip from Karnataka’s Nagarahole National Park, shared by the Wildlife Conservation Society-India, proves that an elephant is actually capable of ‘smoking’.

Now, just to be clear, the elephant in the video is not actually smoking. Reports suggest that it was trying to ingest some wood charcoal that he picked up from the forest floor. When the tusker tried to blow at the ash, it seemed like the elephant was smoking.

Charcoal does not have any nutritional value, but it’s believed that the wild animals are attracted to it due to its medicinal properties. So, wild animals have reportedly been seen consuming it after forest fires and lightning attacks.