#CuteAnimalTweetOff trend celebrates the absolute awwwliciousness of baby zoo animals

P.S: The US Army Reserve too could not keep themselves away from taking part and unleashed oodles of cuteness.

America has had quite a hard time in the past one week now, what with women marching on the streets against their President and Donald Trump officially announcing his wall building project. But, here is a piece of news from the USA that will make your day. Zoos from across America got together on Tuesday to share photos of adorable animals on Twitter. Get ready to unleash all the awws!

It started when the Smithsonian National Zoo shared a photo of their gray seal pup and Twitter user Sarah Hill asked the Virginia aquarium to answer with a cuter photo. What was born out of this was #CuteAnimalTweetOff and gave the world several reasons to smile. Who ever thought a competition could lead to something this wonderful and would fill Twitter with picture of the most adorable animals.

Check out some of the tweets and let these varied animals in all their cuteness make your day.

Give it up for this baby seal who started it all off.

And they brought out the competitive streak in Virginia Aquarium.

What followed was adorable animals all over everyone’s Twitter feeds and happiness and mush descended upon human beings.

We know how next to impossible it is to choose in the midst of such mammoth amount of cuteness but since we must ask, which one do you think would have won this?