Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy's dog is the snuggliest 'Mowgli' ever! These pictures are proof

Anita Hassanandani and Rohit Reddy's pet dog Mowgli is the snuggliest dog EVER. Don't believe us? Have a look at these pictures for proof

Popular Television actress Anita Hassanandani, known for playing the character of Shagun in Ekta Kapoor’s hit show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has made her own mark in the entertainment industry. Anita is not only one of the most talented actresses in the industry but also a stylish one. Anita and her husband Rohit Reddy who have been married to each other for over 4 years look adorable together and their Instagram pictures never fail to put a smile on their fans faces.

From holidaying together to having each other’s back in public, the couple keep giving us major relationship goals. However, have you noticed a precious super snuggly furball in their beautiful little world? Yes, we are talking about their adorable little dog Mowgli. The couple owns a Beagle and they absolutely adore their pet.

They take Mowgli for car rides, snuggle with him, love him to bits and like any other pet lover share bundles of pictures of him on their Instagram accounts. The, in fact, have created a separate Instagram account for Mowgli. How cool is that?

These pictures are proof that Mowgli is the snuggliest four-legged furball ever. Have a look:

Don’t they just look PERFECT together?


#Love @rohitreddygoa @snuglymowgli

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Hello, there little Mowgli <3

When I arrived after a loooonggggg flight!

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Who’s coolest of all? No points for guessing.

I am just a cutie!

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Enough Said.


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And Mowgli can fetch!

I know Fetch ___

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Because we all have that spot that we call our own.

Watch me watch the beautiful world _

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Because he CAN.

… and I fell asleep like this on the ride home…

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What did we tell you about Mowgli being the snuggliest dog?

Home is where my _is. #MowgliReddy

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