Cats can fly: These pictures of adorable rescue kittens ready to 'Pounce' will melt your heart

These cats are available for adoption

If you’re one of those people who needs to get their daily dose of cute cat photos to de-stress, then we have just the thing for you! We present to you a book full of nothing but pictures of cats. Photographer Seth Casteel has come up with a coffee table book with cat photos as they pounce around in various settings. God bless Casteel for bestowing this marvellous gift upon humanity. Casteel’s book, that has been appropriately titled ‘POUNCE’, was released on Tuesday.

What’s even better is that these cats can be yours. Yup! They’re all up for adoption. The cats featured in the photo book all belong to rescue groups or animal shelters which permit the adoption of these cats. Of course, don’t set your eyes on one before checking if it’s already found a beautiful home or not. Casteel’s commitment towards this project stems from his love for animals. Through his venture, Casteel hopes to find a safe, caring home for these animals who have been neglected of love for too long.

Reminding us of the cats’ first, most basic instinct, pouncing, this book reaches out to us all, drawing attention to a beautiful cause. In case you’re not a cat person, you can still enjoy the works of this remarkable photographer. You see, previously, Casteel has ventured upon several projects including his most popular one, ‘Underwater Puppies’.

Seth Casteel himself has struggled with his career in the past. Now an award-winning photographer, Casteel has lived past a time when he was $50,000 in debt. Back in 2012, Casteel’s photo series of dogs jumping into pools shot him to fame almost overnight, gaining over 100 million people’s attention. After the sudden fame, Casteel realised what he does best and what it is the people desire to see. He is now famous worldwide with over a million copies in print spread across the globe. POUNCE is his eighth book. Without delaying it any further, here’s the adorable photo series that you’ve been waiting for: