A Dog's Purpose, Marley & Me and other dog movies that will totally brighten your day

Having a bad day? Binge watch these dog movies that will invoke a million emotions within you and brighten your dull day instantly

Dog movies are the best kind of movies to watch. They are capable of invoking all kinds of emotions within you. Dogs movies can make you laugh hysterically, cry embarrassingly, and make you want to cuddle with your dog or own a dog instantly.

Also, there are so many great dog movies that you have gazillion options to choose from. So, if you’re bored of the regular flicks, here’s a list of soul-stirring dog movies that is a treat to every dog-lover on this planet. You can thank us later.

A Dog’s Purpose:
Admit it: Dog dying or abandoned is the most heart-rending thing to witness. However, even though the dog in the movie dies a number of times, you will not have to deal with the trauma for a long time because the dog comes back in the form of four different canine identities. Yep, dog reincarnation. How amazing is that? Directed by Lasse Hallström, Dog’s purpose is 2017 movie based on a novel by Cameron. A dog’s purpose is absolute feel-good film and will put a huge smile on your faces.

-Hachi: A Dog’s tale
Hachiko is one dog movie you CANNOT miss. Based on a true story, Hachiko tells you the amazing tale of a faithful dog Hachiko who waited for his owner who passed away and couldn’t return home every day for the next nine years, nine months and fifteen days to be exact. Keep your tissues ready while watching this one.

101 Dalmatians
If you’re a dog-lover, you’ve probably watched this movie. But you certainly will not mind watching this again considering how hilarious this movie is. Who wouldn’t like watching 101 adorable dalmatians taking on one of Disney’s cruellest villain? This puppy-tale is thrilling, funny and magical.

-Eight Below
Again, this movie begins with a group of gorgeous huskies running along the breathtaking scenery but situation forces them to deal with the freezing conditions, fight wild animals, starve to death. But the way the dogs look out for each other and the manner some of them survive will win your heart. This movie will keep you glued to your seats till the end. Also, be prepared to shed buckets of tears.

Marley and Me
This is the best movie EVER. No exaggeration. What happens when a newlywed couple decide to raise a dog before they think about raising a child? This one is a laugh riot and most of the scenes will leave you in splits. Having a bad day? or even if you’re not, watch Marley and Me and allow the Marley to add some sparkle to you otherwise regular life.

You’re welcome!