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InUth caters to the interests of the Indian millennials. We have no pretense about being serious. We like to keep it light and fun, even while talking about important issues. We are a free and democratic space for the youngsters to break the hierarchy and voice their concerns. We are always on the lookout for young achievers. We tell their stories with honesty and make it look really sexy using all tools of multimedia story-telling. We talk in the language of the millennials - explaining when needed but never preaching to them. InUth has multiple opinions. Every opinion has a right to find a place on our website.

We have a bunch of young argumentative writers who do not believe in toeing the line but carving their own space. Each individual writer has a distinct voice and flair. Some keep it sweet while others are simply mean and snarky. We speak to our audience in their language and this is something our writers have mastered over a period of time.

Telling our stories in a fun way is of vital importance for us. We have as much fun writing them, as you have in reading them. Aided by a super-creative graphics team, we give immense importance to how our images look. Our images tell an entire story in itself. Gifs, memes, posters make storytelling and reading a far more visually appealing experience.

Finally, coming to our video section. Our videos are our pampered child. It's our most creative and ambitious sub-section. Run of the mill videos are a complete no-no. Again videos is all about finding ordinary people with great stories. Be it a Muslim boy who is fighting societal pressure to learn belly dancing kathak or the first Rohingya girl to pass 10th standard. These young achievers from different backgrounds have inspirational stories that need telling. Maintaining top-notch production quality is of utmost importance to us. Stories look the best, when they are told beautifully.

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