Viral photo reveals the glorious double standards reserved for the LGBTQ community

To tackle homophobia, a professor of a human sexuality course designed a set of questions for the heterosexuals in her class and they have gone viral.

Envisage a distant future. It’s the year 2047. We finally have those flying cars we’ve been dying to see since The Jetsons first came out. We have time travel like The Terminator said we would. We are celebrating 100 years of Independence. But, homosexuality would still most probably be illegal then.

It is awful how the LGBTQ community gets treated. Everything about them is stigmatised to the extent that people choose to despise anyone who is not a heterosexual without ever getting to know another thing about them. And if they are not getting bullied at schools, kicked out of homes or brutally murdered, there are ignorant people who wish for them to try and “be natural” and fit in. To tackle this problem, a professor of a human sexuality course designed a set of questions for heterosexuals.

Elise, a 20-year-old college student shared a picture of a slide from a power point presentation titled “Questions for Heterosexuals in the Class.” Any person who does not identify as a heterosexual might find some or all of these questions familiar. The professor based these set of questions on common inquiries made to the LGBTQ community only that the questions are now aimed at heterosexuals to teach them perspective.

With questions like, “When did you decide you were a heterosexual?” the professor wanted to show that such questions weren’t easy to answer and should not be asked. Elise told Buzzfeed that the slide was supposed to be funny and her professor “made us really think about why it was so funny.” After Elise posted the picture of the slide on Twitter, it went viral and the responses she got were pretty appalling. While there were some people who praised the professor for her innovative methods of teaching, there were others who wanted her to be fired for being an “angry, ineffective jerk.”

But, of course, there’s always hope:

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