Tired of trying to tame your hair? Try these 7 last-minute hair hacks for this Valentine's Day

If you are feeling too lazy to head to the parlour, we have some easy hair hacks that will make your Valentine's Day memorable

It is quite difficult to naturally have a good hair day every single morning, but having one on Valentine’s Day is a must, right? And if you are feeling too lazy to head to the parlour, we have some easy hair hacks for you that will make your date night memorable.

Have a look:

1) Tame those flyaways with a toothbrush

Planning to go for a sleek hairdo but the flyaways are making it look bad? Just spray your old toothbrush with some hairspray and brush it over your flyaways in a downward motion and you will be all set for your date.

2) Cornstarch is your very own ‘desi’ shampoo

It might sound a little weird, but if you have run out of dry shampoo and are super late for your Valentine’s day date, then sprinkle some cornstarch on your hair and dust it off after a minute. It will absorb all the oil and grease and your hair will feel fresh again. (PS: Mix some cocoa powder with cornstarch if you have darker hair.)

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3) Braids + Hair Straightener = Beach Waves

The quickest way to get those perfect beach waves in less than an hour is to make multiple braids in your hair and then use a straightener over them. Well, you will be left with picture-perfect waves in no time.

4) An easy frizz diffuser

Say goodbye to frizzy hair in no time. Use a wet wipe to cover the mouth of your hair dryer and use it normally. What it will do is, distribute the heat evenly and will prevent your hair from drying and keep them frizz-free throughout the day.

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5) Messy bun for that super stylish look

Forget tucking in millions of hairpins to keep that perfect bun up. Messy buns are the easiest to make and takes hardly 5 minutes. Go for a messy bun, especially if you have a round face because the loose hair will make you look adorable.

6) Bobby pins are your best friend

If classy and vintage is your style and you don’t want to go for a fancy hairdo, then bobby pins are your saviour. Grab some pins, spray them with a hairspray to avoid them from slipping and make cool graphic patterns on your hair. It will be both time and cost-effective.

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7) Use hand cream to get that shine back

Going on a date straight after work and don’t know what to do with your hair? Well, worry not, we’ve got you covered. Apply your favourite hand cream at the ends of your hair to make them look shiny, devoid of frizz and more importantly beautiful.

So, which hack do you think will work for you this Valentine’s Day?

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