From wearing sarees to not watching cricket, RSS tells people how to strengthen family bonds

The RSS programme involves visiting people’s homes to “instill values and ethics” apart from advocating vegetarianism and promoting Indian attire.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has listed a set of guidelines for a family counselling programme that they launched in the month of April. The programme, which is called the Kutumb Prabodhan, involves visiting people’s homes to “instill values and ethics” apart from promoting vegetarianism and urging people to take up Indian attire.

Kutumb Prabodhan (family counselling), the campaign will continue till the 2019 general elections, suggested a Hindustan Times report.

According to the HT report, under this campaign senior swayamsevaks, along with one or two swayamsevaks and a Rashtra Sevika Sangh (RSS’ women’s wing) worker, will visit families and ‘educate’ them on the benefits of vegetarianism and how to avoid being influenced by foreign culture.

One such group led by RSS leader Ashok Bhatt, the Vidarbha convener of Kutumb Prabodhan, recently visited a family in Nagpur.

The RSS team reportedly advised them to wear sarees and kurta-pyjamas during festivals and told them celebrating birthdays by blowing candles and cutting cakes was not a part of the Indian culture.

The family was also told informed about traditional Hindu practices such as chanting mantras before meals. They have also advised the family to eat together at least once a week and at that time they should not watch television.

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During their family time, they should avoid discussing politics and cricket. Besides, every person must respect women, fight casteism, and inculcate the habit of reading good books that feed one’s intellect.

Atul Pingle, a senior RSS leader, and Vidarbha Prant Pracharak Pramukh said such an initiative was the need of the hour when people were becoming more materialistic and self-centred.

The Kutumb Prabodhan campaign is a major initiative of the RSS. Political observers feel that such ventures would give the swayamsevaks a direct access to families and reap dividends for the BJP in the ensuing elections.

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