At the recently held 12th edition of Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, we saw ‘Queen’ of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut wearing quirky lehenga choli by Manish Arora. The multicolour bright lehenga accompanied with plain choli and the bright coloured court, the eccentric design looks perfect on the showstopper. The fashion tour was in perfectly synchronised with the idea of Manish of pepping up the Indian wear with the fusion of colours.


The theme for this latest show was the wild and free spirit of the contemporary Indian woman. These bright colour outfits focus on showing the women fierceness by balancing traditions and modernity together. Beautiful jackets with detailed embroidery are just adding to the outfit. Even Manish showed a different range of headgear — from floral ones to metal ones.

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Huge floral headgear, shimmering blue and green blouse and pink legenga skirt, the model is slaying Manish Arora’s  outfit.



The tribal look outfit:


The yellow lehenga skirt with contrasting choli and perfectly matched headgear — the model looks ravishing.