These days more and more people in the country are hitting to gym to keep themselves fit. Many go for a walk and do exercises too.  However, if given a chance between walking and driving, most of the Indians are lazy enough to opt for latter. In a recently held survey, Indians are among the laziest people in the world.

This findings of the study done by Stanford University. The researches used step counters which are their in the smartphones to know how many steps people take in various countries. As many as 7,000,000 people were part of the study in 46 countries.

As per the data, out of 46 countries, India is at 39th on the list on the number of steps taken by people daily. Average Indian takes 4297 steps every day. The condition of Indian women is even worse as they take even lesser steps as compared to Indian men. When an Indian men registered 4,606 steps every day, Indian women could only take 3, 684 steps.

In a report published in the Times of India, Delhi-based dietician Ritika Samaddar says that at least 10,000 steps should be taken in a day to remain fit, “People feel that if they have walked for an hour in the morning, they have got their share of physical exercise done. But you need to be active throughout the day.”

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The study found that for both males and females, the steps taken are associated to the obesity, therefore more number of steps is related to lower obesity. But females are more prone to obesity if the number of steps taken by them decreases.

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The top half of the list includes Hong Kong, China, Ukraine and Japan where people walk more than 6,000 steps every day. On the other hand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are the countries which are at the bottom in the list as in theses countries people walk less than 3,900 steps every day.


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