Watch: Top 10 Goals by Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers scoring goals is somewhat rare in football

Goalkeepers scoring goals is somewhat rare in football as they are the custodians who remain inside their penalty areas and are responsible for guarding the goalposts and orchestrating the defense.

Yet, there are few goalkeepers who are so prolific that they even take penalties and freekicks alongside their regular duties like legendary Brazilian goalie Rogerio Ceni, Paraguay’s Jose Luis Chilavert and Colombia’s Rene Higuita.

Football, Rogerio Ceni, Brazil, goalkeeper

Brazils legendary goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni has scored record 131 goals in his career. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Then, there are goalkeepers like Germany’s Manuel Neuer and Southampton’s Fraser Forster who dare to rush forward to help their teammates if and when they are in danger. In modern day football, they are known as sweeper-keepers, one who can operate as the 11th man in the outfield.

Regardless to say a goal scored by a goalkeeper is certainly something to cheer about and look forward to.