Apparently, Mexicans Partied So Hard Post Win Over Germany That It Caused An Earthquake

This is how Mexicans party when they beat the defending champions of FIFA World Cup!

Mexico shocked Germany in their first game of FIFA World Cup 2018 with a 1-0 win on June 17. Apparently, Hirving Lazano’s opening goal in the 35th minute led to such a huge celebration in Mexico that it caused an artificial earthquake. The sensors in Mexico City detected seismic activities twice during the clash between Mexico and Germany.

The Institute for Geological and Atmospherical Investigations tweeted the seismographic readings, highlighting the spike when Mexicans celebrated Lazano’s pivotal goal against Germany.

Here are a few tweets which show the proof of tremors in Mexico City —

An #earthquake in Mexico City caused by celebrations after #mex goal against #ger @FIFAWorldCup!!!!!! Football is awesome https://t.co/ev1OSXwUhg

— Enrique Soto (@EnriqueSoto8) June 17, 2018

When Mexico scored its #WorldCup goal against #Germany, fans across Mexico City apparently celebrated so hard that at least two earthquake sensors registered tremors. https://t.co/CBgrqaKYlW

— Jan-Albert Hootsen (@jahootsen) June 17, 2018

The celebrations for Mexico’s goal against Germany caused an earthquake in Mexico City. #MEX #GER #GERMEX #WorldCup #WorldCup2018 pic.twitter.com/ddPVsBHIb3

— FIFA World Cup (@TheSporTalk) June 17, 2018

This was followed by a few funny tweets —

Mumbai Indians:Duniya hila denge hum
Mexico fans:Hold my Tequila pic.twitter.com/WACYwaej8k

— Shreyans Sadangi (@50shadesfshrey) June 17, 2018

The fact that people partied so hard in Mexico after the win that they caused an artificial earthquake is the funniest god damn thing in the world oh my god but also….mood

— angeli (@shineeIights) June 17, 2018

there was an artificial earthquake in mexico city caused by the celebration of mexico’s goal and if that doesn’t tell you how passionate mexican fans are then i don’t know what will

— (@jindimpIe) June 17, 2018

Try to build that wall, darling. We’ll just cause earthquakes.

“Officials in Mexico said an “artificial quake” was reported in Mexico City that was possibly caused by “massive jumps during the goal from the Mexico national soccer team” on Sunday.” https://t.co/BB9JejKVDb

— DC (@tapendejo) June 17, 2018

So an artificial earthquake occurred in Mexico City after the Mexican team scored their first goal against Germany in the #WorldCup.
We should plan something similar when India and Pakistan meet in the next cricket World Cup. pic.twitter.com/4XJBCoXqfW

— Ovais Wani (@Ovais_) June 18, 2018

Soccer fans celebrating in Mexico may have caused an artificial earthquake — meanwhile a ceiling fan may have caused an artificial disaster on Trump’s head. #WorldCup2018 #GERvsMEX #GermanyvsMexico #trumpshair #sad pic.twitter.com/R7arkgbP0n

— Holly Fine (@holleeze) June 17, 2018

World Cup goal celebrations ‘cause #earthquake’ in #Mexico City…

…but not anywhere near #Germany #WorldCup#GERMEX #GER #MEXhttps://t.co/nc712nTmiW pic.twitter.com/6tiXAQ2WFZ

— RT Sport (@RTSportNews) June 17, 2018

Mexico will now go up against South Korea and Sweden on June 23 and June 27 respectively. They will be high on confidence after a scintillating win over the defending champions.

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P.S.: It may sound far-fetched but we are still wondering what will happen if Mexico actually manages to lift the trophy?