A footage captures BMW falling from the seventh floor of the parking garage, hitting an SUV which was there in the garage and flipped over. However, the woman who was driving the BMW survived the dreadful accident. The video of the incident, which took place at a parking area in Austin (Texas), has gone viral.

In more than 1 minute long video, which was released by the Austin Police Department on Thursday, an SUV can be seen coming out of the parking garage when the driver suddenly puts the break. A few seconds later, a BMW falls from the seven stories above crashes front-first into the pavement, before violently bouncing back and finally rests on its roof. After which bystanders quickly come to the rescue of the driver.

William Burch, who was driving the SUV had the windows of his car down and heard the loud noise. What he saw next was a BMW falling from a parking garage.

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As per a report in the KXAN, the woman who was driving the BMW mistook the gas pedal for the brakes and crashed through the parking garage barrier. She was immediately taken to the hospital and suffered serious but non-life threating injuries from the crash. The video was released on Thursday but as per the Austin Police Department, the accident took place on July 13.

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Last September, another car “drove through the retention wires of the same garage and was left dangling nine stories in the air, but didn’t fall”.

(Source: KXAN)

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