After most of United States voted to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the next president, news channels have begun their task of predicting who is tipped to occupy the White House.

If you happen to be in New York, there is no need to worry about missing out on real-time poll projections. Empire State Building, the iconic skyscraper in the megapolis has transformed itself int0 a gigantic election tracker. The southern side of the building is equipped with 32 screens blaze and displays poll projections, animations and Instagram illustrations.

The arrangement is a joint effort by Obscura Digital, CNN, Instagram, CA Technologies and the Empire State Building’s management.

A countdown will begin as soon as the polls close across the country and charts on the candidates’ progress will be put on display for the viewers, The Washington Post reported. Social media is abuzz with picturesque images of the landmark building in Manhattan.

The race to 270 begins #ElectionNight ( by @vikvik7)

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