Pakistan has reportedly banned all activities related to Valentine’s day. The Islamabad High Court on February 13 imposed a ban on all the Valentine’s Day celebrations across the capital just a day ahead of the V-Day. The court has also reportedly asked the television channels to stop special transmission related to the day.

As per the court’s order, the print media has also been asked to not publish anything that promotes the day of love. The order came in response to the petition filed by a person seeking a ban on Valentine’s day because it apparently did not have anything similar to Pakistani culture. However, this is not the first time that Pakistan has imposed a ban on Valentine’s day celebrations. Pakistan had also barred people from celebrating Valentine’s day in 2016. Last year, Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain slammed Valentine’s day asserting that it had nothing to do with “Islamic” culture and hence, should be done with.

A number of religious groups in the country have come forward to lash out at the festival by terming it as an insult to “Islam”.

Last year, despite the day being extremely popular in some of the countries including India, the local government in Kohat had barred people from even shopping or selling any products relating to Valentine’s Day. The local police were also directed to keep a check on people buying any items, including Valentine’s day greeting cards.

Some of the local administrators even termed the day as “useless” and something that can encourage an obscene behaviour.