The life of soldiers may be a dream, but it is definitely a herculean task to stay at the border and protect us from attacks of the enemy. For a government that takes pride in highlighting the strength of its armed forces, few videos by a BSF soldier may have come as a shock as it highlights the hardships being faced by our soldiers.

In a series of videos, this soldier, who claims to be from the 29th battalion of the Border Security Force in Jammu and Kashmir, shares the difficulties of life at the border.

In the first video, the soldier, identified as Tej Bahadur Yadav says, “From morning to evening we work, standing in all weather conditions. No matter the rain, no matter the snow, in all conditions we do our duty, but neither the media nor any minister pay heed to our problems.”

In the videos, the BSF jawan, Tej Bahadur Yadav, shares the reality of living at the frontlines. He says how they are not being fed properly because of the corruption at top levels- the services and life that a jawan is entitled to, has gone for a toss.

The purpose of his videos is to highlight the plight of the jawans and bring it to everyone’s notice, with the purpose of stringent actions.

Yadav’s videos, posted on his Facebook profile, has drawn strong and sharp response from social media users. Some have blamed him for seeking needless publicity and some have gone on a government-bashing spree.