China’s embassy posted on its website that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi met Ambassador Luo Zhaohui and the two leaders exchanged “views on the current bilateral relations” on Saturday. However, in a flip-flop, the website removed the post within a few hours. The flip-flop was not just from the Chinese side. Congress too earlier denied any such meeting but later on Monday admitted that Rahul met the Chinese Ambassador.

The statement that was posted on the website read: “On July 8, Ambassador Luo Zhaohui met with Rahul Gandhi, vice chairman of the Congress Party, and exchanged views on the current Sino-Indian relations.” While it has been removed from the website, it is still reported to be available on the embassy’s WeChat account.

The news of this meeting comes days after Rahul Gandhi had questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “silence” on the current standoff between India and China in the Sikkim sector.

Since some pictures have been floating around of the alleged meeting, Twitter is busy discussing the agenda for the ‘discussion’ between the two leaders. However, what is to be noted is that the photo between the two leaders was taken on January 20, 2017.

These are some of the reasons that Twitter users are giving for the meeting:

‘To ensure he gets his toys’

‘Rahul’s love for Doremon’

Or even Shin Chan

Seeking donations for Congress?

The big revelation!

Step back Mr Modi, Rahul Gandhi is here

Dreaming big for 2019?