Union tourism minister Mahesh Sharma will visit Ayodhya on Tuesday as an inspection visit for Ramayana Museum, a move seen by the ruling BJP to woo Hindutva voters in the upcoming UP Assembly polls.

“We want it to be a museum where people from around the world come, and get an insight into Lord Ram’s life and the Ramayana,” Sharma told ANI.

Adding further, Sharma said that the museum is a part of the Ramayana Circuit, for which a sum of Rs225 crore has been sanctioned by the union government.

However, the move by Centre has sparked a political controversy with Bahujan Samaj Party accusing the government of mixing religion with politics.

“Linking religion with politics and electoral gains by these governments is condemnable…had they really been so concerned about these issues, they would have thought about them long ago,” the former Uttar Pradesh CM said.