A new startup company is trying to make its place in the market with the hope of popularising products made from cow dung and urine. Cowpathy, the Mahasrashtra based company, displayed its consumers products containing cow dung, milk, urine and ghee last week.

According to a report in The Quint, Cowpathy’s products range from soap to toothpaste, essential oils and incense. Company founder and CEO Umesh Soni said that people tend to be repelled when they first hear about the ingredients “but once they hold our product, they understand what is the quality, what is the standard at which this is made”.

“In the Indian scriptures, particularly the vedas, there is mention of cow dung and cow urine having very high medicinal properties,” said Umesh Soni, according to a Times Now report.

“Ayurveda uses a lot of herbs, but cow dung, with its anti-bacterial properties, is considered very pure and is part of the Ayurveda,” he added.

According to Quartz, Soni has patented the cow-dung soaps. Cowpathy approximately sells over 45,000 units of soap — Rs 35 for a 75-gram bar—every month across India and in some 13 countries, including the US.

Video Courtesy: YouTube

It also sells over 5,000 units of toothpaste every month at Rs 75 for 100 grams. Other Cowpathy products include face wash (Rs35 for a 50-gram tube), floor cleaner (Rs125 for 500 ml), and hair oil (Rs110 for 200ml).

“We dry the dung at high temperature after three days of it being produced. We boil cow urine at high temperatures, and then the vapour is condensed and used in the products,” Soni explained.

Contrary to what many might expect, Cowpathy received the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) as well as the Indian government’s food safety departments.

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