Hours after the suspected Islamic State terrorist Saifullah was killed, Additional Director General of Police (ADG) of Uttar Pradesh, Daljit Chaudhary said in a press conference that the police has no evidence yet to prove his links with the terror outfit.

ADG said, “We have no such evidence yet of any ISIS link,” while addressing reporters on Lucknow terror operation that took place on March 7 in which Saifullah was gunned down by security forces after 12 hours of anti-terror operation.

“Eight pistols, more than six hundred cartridges, bomb making instruments, pellets, timers and wires etc were recovered from him,” the ADG added.

The terror suspect, who was hiding in the rented house, was given time to surrender and was killed after cops retaliated.

From him, 45 grams of gold, foreign currency and three passports were also recovered, said Chaudhary.

Earlier IG ATS Aseem Arun had said, “The slain terror suspect belongs to the Khurasan module of the ISIS and was an active member. But, whether he has been indoctrinated or not is a matter of investigation.”

Initially, chilly bombs were fired so that the terrorist comes out and surrender but he did not; instead, he shot fire at the security forces. “The suspected terrorist then fired at the ATS commandoes, which was then appropriately retaliated by the ATS commandoes. After this, two rooms were thoroughly searched and checked, and the person identified as Saifullah was found dead,” Arun added.

When the security officers entered the house where the terrorist was holed up, they found the suspect dead.