Sacked Aam Aadmi Party leader Kapil Mishra on Friday again attacked party’s convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. The sacked Delhi minister held a press conference in Delhi to make more allegations against the Delhi CM and the Aam Aadmi Party. 

He claimed that Arvind Kejriwal is lying in claiming that a person named Mukesh Kumar has donated Rs 2 crore for AAP.  Kapil Mishra claimed that AAP gets Hawala funds and Mukesh Kumar has direct links with Arvind Kejriwal. He added that the video posted and circulated by the AAP about Mukesh Kumar is fake. He alleged that Delhi CM is involved in a ‘hawala’ scam.”This is all an elaborate ploy to launder money, to convert black money into white,” said Mishra.


In a series of allegations, he showed papers saying that Mukesh’s company has not been able to pay its debts. He showed documents which he claims were notifications sent by a bank to him in which he was threatened that his company would have to be shut down if he does not pay back the amount.

Questioning Arvind Kejriwal about the donations that he received from Mukesh Kumar, Kapil Mishra asked how he can donate Rs 2 crore to AAP when the company owned by Mukesh Kumar is bank and VAT defaulter

Kapil Mishra took to twitter urging all the AAP MLAs to see his press conference today. He wrote, ” I will be revealing a big truth at 11 am with evidences”.

A Delhi-based trader had on Thursday claimed that he had donated Rs 2 crore to the AAP, rubbishing Kapil Mishra’s allegation that the amount was paid by a shell company. Sharma is a property dealer and tobacco trader based in Delhi and said that he had donated the money through a demand draft on March 31, 2014.