For the first time ever in India, a Financial Commissioner (FC) Court in Haryana passed an order that summons in a partition suit be served via WhatsApp. In order to prevent delay in service of summons to opposite parties, FC Court, Haryana headed by IAS officer Ashok Khemka passed the order while hearing a partition case related to three brothers of Aurang Shahpur village of Hisar.

Over the partition of family property in the village in Hisar, Satbir Singh had a dispute with his brothers Ramdiyal and Krishan Kumar.

After the FC Court issued a notice to both brothers seeking their replies in the property dispute matter, Ramdiyal received the court summons but it could not be served on Krishan. Krishan Kumar has moved to Kathmandu.

However, report received from local revenue officials stated that Krishan was contacted over his phone but he refused to give his address in Kathmandu.

Taking note of the situation, IAS Khemka observed in the order passed on Thursday, “at the present time an e-mail address or a mobile phone number is also the address of a person.”

An image of the summons notice bearing the court’s seal be sent to a phone number and that printout of the delivery report on WhatsApp shall be considered as proof of delivery, the FC court directed.

At present, summoning process in electronic form is made only through e-mail or fax.