Praises have been showering in for India since it has successfully launched 104 satellites on February 15, reacting on the Indian Space Reserach Organistaion (ISRO) achievement, China though acknowledge it, said India is still way behind them.

China’s English daily, Global Times was quoted as saying, “As a rising power, it has done a good job. It is ambitious but pragmatic, preferring to compare with others as an incentive to progress. India’s political and social philosophy is worth pondering,”.

The daily added, engine of the rockets launched by India is not powerful enough and that there is no Indian astronaut in space. Also, no work has been done by the country for establishing a space station.

Stating that India has largest number of poor people, the daily further said that it gives hope for other countries, In 2008, India launched a lunar probe and in 2013, the country ranked first among Asian countries by having an unmanned rocket orbit Mars.

Creating a world record, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on February 15 launched 104 satellites in a single flight of PSLV-C37 from the Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh, therefore, India become the first country to launch these many satellites in one go. Earlier, the Russian Space Agency had the record of successfully launching 37 satellites. Of 101 co-passenger satellites, 96 belong to USA, five from International customers of ISRO — Israel, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, respectively.

The PSLV-C37 is 44.4 metres tall and is the heaviest in PSLV series with a weight of  320 tonnes and the PSLV rocket is a four stage rocket alternatively powered by solid and liquid fuel.