As a good citizen, it is our duty to ensure that public places and transports should be keep clean. But there are only few people who actually do it. Even with the launch of Swachh Bharat mission and various other workshop done with the objective to aware citizens. Still much needs to be done towards it.

But then there are also number of responsible citizen who take steps to keep their surroundings clean and it should be applauded. After all, it’s up to us to keep our country clean.

A man travelling in Delhi metro has indeed set an example for every citizen out there. The incident was shared by one of the fellow passengers. A young boy was sitting with his earphones while trying to take out water bottle from the bag he dropped his tiffin box and all the food fell on the floor. On seeing this a man thought that all the food will now remain scattered on the floor all day.

However, like any responsible citizen the young boy- Pranjal Dubey- took out a page and collected all the food after which he cleaned the floor from his handkerchief, leaving the metro clean.

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Note: It has come to our notice that the incident was shared on Facebook by a man named Shubham Verma. However, a man copied his post and shared it on Facebook, claiming that the incident happened inside Jaipur metro.

We have removed the plagiarised post. Here’s what Verma had posted:

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