A Bengaluru cop has won many hearts for stopping a convoy of President Pranab Mukherjee to make way for an ambulance. According to media reports, the traffic police sub-inspector has been identified as ML Nijalingappa. He was on Saturday deputed at the Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle, from where the president’s convoy was to pass through a busy junction.

After his decision to stop the president’s convoy, Nijalingappa has been rewarded by the Bengaluru Police for his noble gesture. President Pranab Mukherjee was in the city to inaugurate Metro’s Green Line on June 17.

The convoy was heading towards the Raj Bhavan when Nijalingappa saw an ambulance trying to find a way towards a private hospital near HAL. He quickly passed on the directions and allowed the ambulance to pass through the traffic-heavy road.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic East Division, Bengaluru City, Abhei Goyal later took to Twitter to praise the officer’s presence of mind.

Praveen Sood, the Commissioner of Police, tweeted, “The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!”

The incident has gone viral on social media and Twitter has been buzzing with reactions to the news, with some said that what the officer did was to be expected and should not be hailed as an achievement, while many lauded the policeman’s decision.

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