Single people are coming together to mock Propose Day and the tweets are savage

Single people are coming together to mock Propose Day and the tweets are savage

Every year, before the actual dreaded day, we celebrate buffoonery the entire second week of February with Rose day, kiss day, hug day, waste-my-time day, throw-away-all-my-money day etc. One such day is Propose Day that falls on February 8. People say this is the perfect day to tell someone you love what you feel about them- not if you’re single though.

If you’re single you just sit in a corner and laugh at the people who actually celebrate these days or are forced to celebrate them. This is exactly what Twitter did today as all the singles came out and had a field day cracking hilarious jokes and puns on Propose Day.

Here are some of the best tweets that’ll make you go ‘Thank God I’m single’ :


Expectation : Pic 1
Reality : Pic 2#proposeday #proposal #disposal __

— _____ ____ _ – __ _______ ____ (@nillkool) February 8, 2018

“When My Friends Force Me To Go To My CRUSH’s Group For Proposing Her*#ProposeDay

— ^Chhola Bhatura^ (@ZiddiInsaan) February 8, 2018

Ready ka na ba?

Feb. 7 – Rose Day _
Feb. 8 – Propose Day _
Feb. 9 – Chocolate Day _
Feb. 10 – Teddy Bear Day _
Feb. 11 – Promise Day __
Feb. 12 – Kiss Day _
Feb. 13 – Hug Day _
Feb. 14 – Valentines Day __
Feb. 15 – BROKE AF DAY! ___


— Lesther James_ (@JamesLesther) February 2, 2018

The only guys who went down on their knees for me were shoe sellers ;-;#ProposeDay

— Memesahaab (@memesahaab) February 8, 2018

Best Proposal Ever !!!!#ProposeDay

— ______, ___ _________ !!! _ (@i_upasana) February 8, 2018

This day should be renamed as “Reject Day” or “Friend zone Day”#ProposeDay

— Ankit Sanghvi (@iAnk1t) February 8, 2018

Happy Friendzone day everybody!

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