This US-based restaurant is being trolled for selling Bhatura as Scallion Bubble Pankcakes

Indian netizens are not happy about this "cultural appropriation"

Indian netizens have been breathing fire ever since a food page shared the video of a dish by the name “Scallion Bubble Pancakes “. The reason? Well, barring the fancy name, there is nothing original about the dish. A Maryland-based restaurant Q is selling a complete rip off of our very own Chole Bhature as a variant of pancake. And this gourmefication of our food without being given the credit for it has irked the desis no end.

Apparently, Chinese Chef Peter Chang is the creator of this dish. And he has been getting a lot of flak on social media for “appropriating” a dish that would pass for humble ghar ka khana in most north Indian households.