This rare video gives a glimpse of Satyajit Ray’s musical genius

Whether it's composing music or directing films one individual brimming with so much talent, is simply not fair. You're too maach, Manik Da!

Satyajit Ray was a one-man army. Apart from sketching each and every scene (much before previsualisation was a thing), Ray was meticulous about each and every aspect about his movie. Including the film’s music, which he would score himself. In this rare video which is going viral, we see Ray devise the score for his movie Ghare Baire starring Soumitra Chatterjee and Swatilekha Sengupta.

The video sees Ray conduct a wide variety of musicians, and at one point he’s even seen reprimanding someone from the collective. It ends with a beautiful scene where we see the music being used in the final film. Ray not only had the vision to see how the camera would move, but also to visualise what composition would suit the scene. You’re too maach, Manik Da!